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Thread: The "Old" 4 - ways: 43xx - Anyone still building any?

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    The "Old" 4 - ways: 43xx - Anyone still building any?

    Hi All,

    Having spent a little while as a Member [still a newbie, I think!] I haven't seen much activity of many of the "Old 4-ways" being built "these day's"..

    I can understand how most would Question: Why would you want to? - where are you going to get parts..??? Fair question!

    But, aside from that little difficulty, is there anyone who would 'want to' if they could get drivers? Is the information there [in the Forum] to do it properly if you

    felt.. 'That's what is missing in my life! - a blue fronted big monitor!!!' And "who" could really Help, if you struck difficulty along the way? Most of the ones

    that knew what to do have done like Elvis and "left the building.." [forum]

    With 'edgewound' doing fantastic things with 2345 Recones, the 4345 is now a real possibility!

    Has anyone got the desire besides maybe me..?

    Kind Regards,

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    I suspect that the flurry of interest in and subsequent DIY projects of the M2 has done for the 43xx.

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    When I did my 4344's JBL still was doing cone kits so I was able to new 2122's from the tent sale and cores and re cones for 2235's. Now I would never start down that road with no more kits.

    "I could be arguing in my spare time"

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    For me it wouldn't be as much about not being able to get replacement parts as it would be about not being able to fully restore the drivers before spending the huge time investment on the cabinets and the speaker design.

    Most of the used drivers I have tested have not been anywhere close to spec. As Rob points out, when the majority of us were building these legacy systems or systems inspired by them, we were still able to get replacement cone kits and diaphragms to fully restore the drivers to "New" condition. Obviously, over the decades, business practices at JBL have changed and finding quality drivers to tackle one of these projects today would be quite a bit tougher.

    Of course there is Edgewound and Great Plains Audio, but it is getting more difficult. Too bad too, as these vintage systems have a lot to offer. Not that the 2216ND and the M2 monitor and systems designed around it are not exciting as well.


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    Not Just The Bass Drivers..

    Hi Macaroonie, Rob and Mr Widget,

    It's more than a crying shame Harmen/JBL can't still recognize the wonderful "compliment" (they say that the greatest form of flattery is immitation..) that this

    Forum has done for the Brand - and could keep on doing if spares 'were' available..? Is anyone giving any of the other models a try-out in their workshop??

    The Big 4-Ways not only were a monumental task to build but the learning gained resulted in something truly wonderful to listen to AND that can still rival some

    of the newer systems on offer from others in the industry.

    I know I have managed to accumulate some extra drivers all to do with 43-something as I have what I am listening to... seems a shame to let them filter into

    the nothingness of the '[e]bay of plenty'.. And I would still like to get some of edgewound's 2245 recones for the baskets I have and do them proud. Not just

    in a Sub though... But while the exchange rate of the aussie dollar is embarrassing - it's also prohibiting me from what I would like to do..

    Do you think the 4-Ways have "had" their day...?

    Kind Regards,

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    4345 ....

    I'm seriously considering building another 4345 .... then adding a smith horn on top with a Be loaded 2441 or 2440 ....

    ..... maybe I need to finish my present project though

    Bloody addictive hobby ... " Just one more "


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