Greetings to all music lovers and audio enthusiasts out there, I'm new on the Forum, looking forward to start to contribute, share the experience about the assemble process of my first active system, and also learn with more experienced friends.

Here's a subject that I would like to learn more, I'm researching what will be the more appropriate electronic crossover for my project, in order to contextualize the project, here are the components that I'm purchasing...

Source: Vinyl

3 way loudspeakers, (Oh.. by the way, sorry for the components net be Altec / JBL)

12" Woofer:

Compression horn driver: Radial horn:

Super horn tweeter:

Here's the thing about the electronic crossovers, that I will be grateful for the thoughts from more experienced audio friends.

First, I'm considering just analog crossovers, as my main source is vinyl, do not make much sense for me, the phono signal be converted to digital and back to analog again, but appears that the downside is the difficult to solve the phase and time alignment issue with an analog one, in order to try to reduce this compromise, I'm thinking about align the voice coils manually.

My considerations till now:

Accuphase F-15L complete info on Accuphase link.

Fostex EN3000, I have the manual in japanese only, specs are on the Audio Heritage website, better pictures, including from the inside, on Hifido website.

Fostex EN3020, pics on HifiDo website, complete manual can be downloaded on Fostex website.

Sony MU-C031 (this is not the ESPRIT one..), Pics on HiFido website, Can't find any info neither manual about this one, maybe it's a rare unit?

JBL M553 specs on the JBL Pro website, I'm sure you guys can provide very enlightening info about this one, as well the UREI 546

UREI 546

I'm still learning about this subject, as this will be my first project through the active multi amp route, appreciate the patience if some questions of mine do not make much sense...

Anyway, i would like to understand more, the differences in design, about this crossovers"
Fostex EN3000 it will provide a less quality signal? what you see on the inside pictures? let me know about the design...

Fostex EN3020 appears to be much more quality device...

Accuphase F-15L, It's all discrete, Accuphase build quality and selection of components, and reliability, according to my researches the prices are more or less the same when comparing to the other equipments listed here.

Sony, this one is mystery hehehe

JBL M553, maybe also the sweet spot in sound quality and reliability as well?

UREI 546, now this is a interesting one, I have to say that I do not understood the concept and his functions, and intimidate me a little as well, too much stuff going on, I much prefer a more straight forward way to configure the crossovers, also, if in case of this unit need to e repaired, I'm afraid that can be a challenge for most of technicians where I live... but I'm interesting to know how this device works.

Thanks everybody, looking forward about your thoughts, best regards to all.