So first of all, I hope this is posted in the correct place! I'm new here.
I did a search and didn't get any useful hits. So I thought I could ask.

Does anyone here have or has gotten to use the newer JBL 18" woofers #2269??
They have grabbed my attention with some of their specs. Do you have an opinion to offer on their performance? maybe compared to the JBL 2258 or 2268? (in pro sound systems that is).
I see many others like the B&C products but I prefer to stay with the JBL versions.
I have been buying used 18"s that have seemed to become plentiful on the used market. So I am guessing that the larger companies are swapping out their current inventory to the newer 2269's?
I'm still plowing thru all the tech notes that are posted on this site looking for newer stuff.
It seems like most of the posts I've read so far are from or about studio or home use.