Hello. I am a new member here and love the information and knowledge that is available here. I have recently acquired 4 pairs of JBL L100's (1 pair Century inline drivers, one Pair Century, and 2 pairs labeled L100) and a pair of JBL C51 Apollo's with cloth grills. The Apollos have the drivers removed but are included. The drivers are LE15a, 375 midrange, and a 075 bullet tweeters. Included is two sets of crossovers for each LX5 and a N7000. My question to you guys is what to do from here. I inherited these items and just cannot decided what set or sets to keep. I know some must go. We have not yet heard any of these speakers yet as they are 600 miles away but are in transit to my location and should arrive any day.

The wife and I enjoy a large range of music types from classical, jazz, country, and rock. Can any one who has had a chance to listen to these speakers have any input on what would be best to keep? I understand this is very subjective but would like to hear the groups input, both positive and negative.

I would like to also mention that the system driving this would consist of the following vintage McIntosh components..
MR67 tuner
MI3 Performance Indicator
C28 Preamp
Pair of MC2105 Power Amplifiers

Included is a MQ101 and MQ102 with 2 pairs of ML-1C's

Looking forward to the feedback. Thank in advance