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Thread: Safely packing 15" drivers from JBL 4350's

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    Safely packing 15" drivers from JBL 4350's

    I am in the process of moving, and will need to store my vintage 4350's. To make them easier to move, I plan to remove all the components and simply have movers carry the empty enclosures. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original JBL shipping boxes that we used when I sent them for reconing years ago. I am extremly nervous to pack them casually and would ideally have a JBL or equivalent with styrofoam with the exact shape of the drivers.
    I am willing to pay for such boxes if anyone has some for sale, or knows where to find them?

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    The stock JBL shipping boxes for raw drivers have not been very impressive.
    Certainly better than throwing them in a milk crate, but cone protection and drop protection should be key.

    something along the lines plywood/masonite/even thick cardboard for cone protection, closed cell foam wrap around remainder, packing tape around the foam,
    sturdy boxes with cut or stuffed foam filling corners/gaps, take those boxes and line a larger box with dense foam (blue styrofoam insulations works, 1" or more thk),
    to put the smaller box in. The hard foam can deform and take significant shock. You don't want things moving around inside.

    I'm sure there are packing example here if you search (with pics). It's a lot of work, but if someone else is handling the items, better to be safe.

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    There are threads here with ideas about packing for shipping. Some of them turned into debates.

    If there is a JBL authorized reconer near you, ask them to save some boxes the cone kits are sent in. They would be, or used to be, anyway, pretty close to perfect FOR STORAGE.
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    I can also recommend shorting the terminals before shipping.
    Might seem insignificant after packing them well, but why take a chance if you do not have to. Those cones are heavy.

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    A pallet with collar and two plywood sheets cut to the same size as the pallet. Screw the drivers to the sheets and secure the whole thing with screws or straps. You can let the moving guys take care of the box.

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