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Thread: Can you help me estimate the price on some old audio equip.

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    Can you help me estimate the price on some old audio equip.

    Recently I helped a friend pack up his late mothers house and he ended up giving me an audio "cabinet?" for more assistance. I tried to refuse but he insisted. I am in the military and I am getting ready to transfer and I am only allowed a certain weight and this cabinet is super heavy and I was looking to sell it but I have know idea what the value of it is. Any help would but greatly appreciated. The cabinet has a few flaws and I haven't dared to test any of the old equipment. From what I gather this is what I have:
    1. The cabinet is a James B. Lansing (JBL) Sovereign 3
    2. The Equalizer is a Fisher 500-C
    3. Turntable is Dual 1019
    4. Amplifier is a TEAC RA-40SU
    5. Mixer? is a TEAC A-4010SU
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    The Fisher 500C receiver has good value in the $400 to $750 range. The TEAC Reel Recorder (both pieces) has little value, less than $100 as it requires thorough service by now, same with the Dual turntable. The lubricants in the TEAC and DUAL harden over time. The Sovereign equipment cabinet has modest value in a local sale, better value in an eBay auction with shipping available.

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    If I was you...

    put it on Craigslist asking $1500 or best. Let us know what happens!
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    The Dual 1019 record changer is well sought-after here in Germany, even if it needs some TLC! S/H and customs fees from overseas are prohibitively, though .

    Best regards!

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