To preface my question, after ten-years I was finally able to move my 4345s to my new home. Thankfully they are now in a climate-controlled environment but I fear their former high-humidity old (non-air-conditioned) house may have deteriorated one of the 2425s. I began to have a problem getting the HF of one channel to join the party without isolating it as much as possible and jacking up the volume until it would cut in. It did not seem to be related to the L-pad. Now I'm hearing a decided lack of volume and some distortion, compared to the other side. I intend to do a driver swap from left-to-right cabinet just to make sure it isn't the crossover or L-pad, but I'm fairly confident it's the driver.

If so, what is the best choice for replacement diaphragms for the 2425J? I hear frequent praise for Radians but would value more knowledgeable opinions and experience. For years I've heard that original JBL was the best choice, other then the price. I currently see what look like OE JBL replacements here. Are they authentic? Is the often-heard issue with Mexican-made JBL parts an issue about which I should be concerned? The price seems to be in line with Radians.

Anyone here in the business that can offer replacements directly to me? I understand there's nothing keeping authorized JBL dealers and repair facilities from selling diaphragms directly to consumers. Is that correct?

I'm 66 now and still working—six-days this week—so I'll get around to more diagnosis as time and the ability to disrupt the family living space allow. Getting the house-of-our-dreams built after 30-years of planning took close to two-years of my free and hobby time. Now I'm only working on a to-do list.

Thanks in advance for any advice or experiences.