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Thread: Urei studio monitor : difference between the Urei 800w and 802w woofer?

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    Urei studio monitor : difference between the Urei 800w and 802w woofer?


    I have a pair of urei 813 that I want to restore to the original configuration. For that I need to find two urei 800W woofers.

    I found a pair of Urei 802W woofers. what is the difference between both references?

    can I use the 802W instead of the 800W?


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    I have no idea of the difference between the 800 and 802 UREI designation. I see the earlier 815 may use the 802 woofer designation.(?) Perhaps it has a different impedance since there were 2 per box instead of 1.(?) Maybe some members have one model or the other and could measure the dcr and post their findings. If one was an 8ohm model and the other a 16ohm model, you wouldn't want to use the incorrect model.
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