I am planning to put together a multi-way active speaker system and am looking at various options for drivers as it would seem I can take several approaches.

Originally I wanted to clone 4345's, and then got into the idea of a 2 way using E145s and add UHF/subs later if needed... But always came down to me not pulling the trigger on anything. Until now.

As it stands, I've acquired a pair of 2245 in 8 cubic foot enclosures that came with the drivers. The 1983 article gives 8 cubic ft plus a little EQ as a good starting point for home stereo subs. I use a DBX Driverack 260 right now for crossover and EQ duties.

With the 2245 acquired, I now need to figure out the next stage. The 4345 crosses the 2245 around 290hz if I recall correctly. This provides a bit more flexibility than your typical subwoofer, but I haven't excluded using it solely under 100hz.

Many like the 10" drivers mated to a 2245, but under 100hz, I don't think the 10 would be as authoritative as say a 12 or 15. This has me contemplating what avenues to take. Drivers I've considered in addition to the 10s have been E145, 2220, 2206. How high up I can take these is still something I need to research, and would definitely affect my top end choices.

In my mind, the mid will be pretty influential to what my compression driver and horn/waveguide choices will be... Is it safe to say my approach of figuring out a mid first is the most logical way of moving forward at this point?

Thanks and apologies if this is confusing or hard to follow.