Anyone know the actual frequency response of the LE15a or have a graph? I will be running the 15a in a folded horn enclosure with an LE85 and an 075. When younger I use to listen to music way too loud and had issues with blowing the LE85. After several new diaphragms I put in a call to JBL (this was in the 80's) and was told the LE85 really didn't do well down to 500Hz. My solution back then was to add a 10" mid driver and crossover at 500 with the LE15a and 2500 for the LE85. That set of speakers is long gone but I'm putting together a new set with the folded horn enclosure and do not want to use a 10" mid. I will be building my own crossovers (24 dB rolloff, Linkwitz-Riley) and wanted to go a little higher than the 500 Hz of the LX5 to protect the LE85. I was originally thinking 800 Hz but the only literature I can find on the LE15a says 600 Hz is to highest recommendation for it. I think the LX5 is a 12 dB rolloff, maybe going to 600 Hz and rolling off at 24 dB is enough to protect the LE85 (and not listening too loud!). Also, I'm not that familiar with folded horn designs ... will they even go up to 600 Hz?

Help! Any advice, pointer, recommendation would be appriciated.


Eric M.