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Thread: B380 orientation

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    B380 orientation

    Only place for the unit is a corner sitting vertically. Should port be on the top or bottom?
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    You will have to try both positions to experiment which actually couples better to your room-acoustics.
    There is no right or wrong, it all depends on your specific listening-room....

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    Hi Donald,

    Corner placement of a speaker increases bass output markedly since its at the junction of three boundaries (floor and two walls). Therefore you may find its too much bass for you.

    In order to try to decouple a little the woofer with the floor boundary you may want to try placing the box up side down with port at the bottom and woofer on top to see if bass output is more acceptable this way.

    If not, then you may well have to decrease input to the LF unit so that it better matches with the output level of the other speakers used. Regards,


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