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Thread: Paragon Bass

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    Have you checked the wiring yet?
    I strongly suspect one woofer being out of phase and therefor cancelling the bass.

    If you want to check this you don´t have to remove the woofers, just swap the + and - connection on one channel (input) of your paragon. Or swap it on one channel on the speaker outputs from your amp.
    This takes 5 minutes and could safe you further investigations...

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    . . . or running each channel by itself should give you the same diagnosis of phase/polarity issues. Even if that's just using your balance control. But I thought we diffused the wiring issue in an earlier post. Now I see that question went unanswered by the OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    Exactly why I suggested it.

    If the Paragon is working properly it should have solid bass down to 50-60Hz, and bringing in the JL below that should work well.

    But i think it is too faster than 150-4C.
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    I had a newer Paragon with LE15A for several years and indeed there was much less bass than even in AR3a bookshelf speakers I purchased to replace them. However, the paragon took to equalization to below 35 Hz or thereabouts ‘very’ well.

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    I listened to a Paragon at Kendrick sound a few years ago in person. I thought the bass was very good. The kick drum of this track stays with me: I could feel it deep inside my chest on every thud. I was sitting about 8 feet away from it. Not sure what mods if any he had done to make it sound like that. So that kind of result can be got from a "Paragon" without a sub.

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