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Thread: Yet another JBL L100 Century story

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    Yet another JBL L100 Century story

    First, let me say that, compared to the posts I have read on this site, I am not an audiophile. I do appreciate quaily equipment and decent sound. Also, if this is not the right place for this post, please tell me where to go (if you know what I mean).

    I purchased my L100's in the early 1970's and have had them ever since. Over time, the cabinets and cubed foam grill deteriorated and years ago a friend put his finger through one of the tweeter cones during a move. The L100's then went into the basement. My wife determined it was time for the L100's to go, but I did salvage the drivers out of them. The original crossover had also gone bad.

    I found replacement tweeters from Simply Speakers. I also found a pair of KLH tower speakers at a garage sale. The active drivers were gone, but the cabinets were solid MDF and the L100 drivers fit like the cabinet was made for them. There also was a 12" passive bass radiator. The interior volume of the KLH box is about 3.3 cubic feet.

    I could not figure out what to use as a crossover so, before I found the Audio Heritage website, I purchased a three way crossover on Amazon, a Kasun AS-33C-2. I then assembled everything into the KLH boxes and installed bananna plug speaker binding posts also added some batting. I have attached a picture, but it inserted sideways for some reason. Believe it or not, the speakers sound great. I have also ordered the parts to build the crossover network detailed in the plans and parts list found on this website to see how much the sound is improved. I have also tried the speakers with the passive radiators in, and then removing one and covering the opening. They sound better with the passive radiator.

    The most useful piece of information I found here was learning that the polarity on my midrange speakers was reversed. I had assumed that red was positive. It made a world of difference after reversing the wires.

    They are currently being driven by a Yamaha Aventage 3070 AV amplifier as part of the home theater system. I also kept my old Phase Linear 400 Series Two that I purchased new. It is currently out for restoration and upgrading and I plan on using it as an external amplifier with the Yamaha.

    Anway, that is my L100 story if anyone is interested.
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