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Thread: JBL L15 Refurbish

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    JBL L15 Refurbish

    Hi All

    Thought I'd run this through this forum section for any advice.

    Help with L15 Refurbish

    1) Cabinets, dampening, leave it, add to it, remove/replace it ????
    2) 034 Tweeter has lost it's silver paint/aluminum? covering, works, replace, repaint ??
    3) Crossover, Cap replacement suggestions
    Change inductors to air ?
    Change resistors ?
    Build external "charged xover" ?
    Change xover frequency to 3K(read somewhere?)
    4) Change connectors
    And anything that will help with project.
    Not worried about keeping original.
    Just having FUN.
    Pair of 4406's after these.


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    Quite a range of options, but personally, I'd focus on the cosmetics (perhaps a light spray of aluminum-looking paint on the tweeter dome). How's the grille and cabinet?
    Changing out crossover parts is not always an improvement, and without a way (beyond your ears) to baseline/change/improve, it's easy to talk yourself into almost anything sounding 'better'.
    Not one to discourage experimentation though... I'd just do it on a different crossover board and keep the stock one around.
    Fun project

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    It looks like you already have air core inductors.

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