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Thread: JBL 075 added to JBL L100 Century

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    JBL 075 added to JBL L100 Century

    Hi! I am adding JBL 075 tweeters to my JBL 100 Century (Early model/straight alignment on drivers).
    Does anyone using this set-up? Please help decide what appropriate crossover values to use (with L Pad).
    I intend to add L Pad on the crossover. Thank you!

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    use the better 077 instead of 075

    In my opinion,the JBL 077 is better than the075. The LE5 mid range goes out to 7000hz. I would use crossover frequency's of 1500,and 7000at 12db an octave. I hope some other members on this forum,will give there opinion on getting the best out of your system. Good Luck on building your system.- RUDY

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    Would recommend looking at the Jubal/ l65 crossover as a potential candidate but I would punt the le-5 for a 104h-2.

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    JBL recommends the 035Tia .

    (which also is much cheaper to source)
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