This weekend I will be installing a "lightly used" pair of 2441 diaphragms into my 4350 system. Once installed I would like to measure the CD's to ensure the diaphragms and the drivers are good to go.

Am I able to do this with the CD's hooked up to the passive network? I would not connect any of the drivers, just the 2441's. I understand the network may do something to the FR but as long both sweeps are similar can I take that as an indication that all is well? Is REW the right software to use to do the sweeps?

The diaphragms have a few tiny dents and one larger crease that was apparently from the previous install. I am hoping that these imperfections don't cause any anomalies. These diaphragms are hard to get and the drivers are quite difficult to remove from the 4350 cabinet. I only want to do this once.