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Thread: Jbl hla 4897

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlaari View Post
    does anyone know the port tuning for HLA 4897 sub?

    Hello, the 4897 sub is tuned to 34Hz with around 478liters
    they have a very smooth response between 30 and 120Hz like suggested.

    for less demanding applications they can be crossed at 90Hz especially
    if the subs are not too close to the tops 4895

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMC View Post
    Hi Ari,

    I sure like the HLA design too, as well as the engineering/innovations that went into these.

    The usually recommended number of each HLAs, as seen in the owner manual, for most applications is two tops (4895) for one bottom (4897). At the Belgium music festival previously mentioned they followed that 2 to 1 recommendation by using 48 top and 24 bottom HLAs.

    Compare pictures posted here of left side units between original HLA product brochure I have and the AAlto system ad. The units are not exactly the same, something seems to be "missing" on the AAlto unit: 3rd way? Also the JBL name does not appear on the AAlto system. These things made me believe the left AAlto unit may be a prototype for testing in the field.

    The right side AAlto unit seen on the ad is a bit of a mystery. Looks like a large box tilted forward inside the tube frame. Maybe a prototype HLA subwoofer? However, the sub cabinet put on the market sure doesn't look like this...

    The EQ magazine text about the HLAs shows 1997 retail pricing, I was wrong re 25K, its rather $23,000. USD for top/bottom on each side...

    Btw, Audio Analysts JBL Sound Contractor in Colorado, USA mentioned in the AAlto system ad was purchased around 2011 as I recall by Canada's Solotech which moved it to Las Vegas since some artists they do sound/lighting for had longer term entertainment commitments in that city. Regards,


    PICTURE CREDITS: AAlto picture from Pro Sound News, Sept. 1996; HLA text with pricing from EQ Magazine, Jan. 1997, P. 74; close picture of the 4895 from JBL, HLA Series Brochure, 1996.
    Audio Analysts' AALTO had indeed a few differences:
    • the Mid/high cab had 2x10 loaded with the same horn for the mids, where the HLA had 1x10 + 1x14, each with its own horn. You can see the rectangle enclosure behind the horn on the left unit in your photo.
    • The AALTO bass cab (the right side unit) was tiltable within the frame with the same mechanism as for the mid/high cab, where the HLA bass cab was a fix enclosure using most of the volume inside the frame.
    • The special shape of the AALTO bass cab was calculated to be tilted within the frame when stacked together in large arrays. It would have collided with the next cabinet otherwise.
    • The Mid/High didn't had that constraint when tilted due to the shapes of the horns.

    Fun facts :
    • There where a lesser known cabinet with double 18-inch called the AALTO Baritone that would typically go under the sage as subwoofer
    • Another cool features both AALTO and HLA had: The shape of the frame formed the rungs of a ladder to facilitate the work of the riggers ;-)

    The AALTO was engineered in collaboration with JBL, Albert Leccese was deeply involved (not just for the frame and the rigging system, hence the differences with the HLA). First batch was tested spring 95. Then they went field tested in from fall 1995 to 1997 with Sprinsteen's solo acoustic Ghost of Tom Joad tour. John Kerns from AA could really make it sound great. I was in Lyon 1997 when Springsteen played in a concert hall built for classical orchestra, sound was amazing! On the 1999/2000 reunion tour with the E Street Band, Kerns used both AALTOs and HLA together, AALTO for FOH and HLA for delay clusters. Sound was great again, although the concert hall was not as great as in 97.

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