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Thread: Best Way to Remove 14 LEH-1 Woofer from L250 Cabinet

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    Best Way to Remove 14 LEH-1 Woofer from L250 Cabinet

    Removed the 4 screws and tried to remove the woofer but it's in there pretty solid..I definitely want to avoid damaging the cabinet...Any tricks I need to know? Thanks!

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    when I removed mine from the 250Ti's, the LE-14's were stuck too.

    from experience, I removed screws, rolled up a big towel (abt 6 inch thick roll) ....placed it under the face, but close to the top of the cabinet (cab now resting face down on the rug). Gave it about a 4 inch lift and drop.
    The towel cushions the drop and spares the tweeter, and the woof just keeps on going.

    it will be face down on the rug when you put the cab back upright.

    you may have to reach under the cab and pull wire leads before righting cab.

    no need to reverse procedure when re-installing
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    The port is centered right over the LE14 magnet, so you can easily reach in and give it a thump.

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    I seem to recall loosening the screws that hold the driver but not removing them so I could push the driver out (via the port hole in the rear) without it dropping on the floor.

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