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Thread: Polarity + and - connectors on the rear panel 9844A

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    Polarity + and - connectors on the rear panel 9844A

    Gentlemens! Tell me, where are the + and - connectors on the back panel of 9844A?
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    earlier Altec connections

    the small phenolic tabs at the top center of the back have two screws for attachment of the signal conductors... left is probably positive but each speaker will be the same. wrap exposed copper around the screw, then tighten the screw. For more modern hookups, you could add modern binding posts, just assure that conductors do not contact each other.

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    You can always perform the battery test.

    I assume you can remove the grille and see the woofers. Use a 1.5V battery to test the polarity. Connect the positive to one terminal of the speakers and the negative to the other. If the cones move forward the plus is on the positive terminal and the minus is on the negative terminal.


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    or you could pull the 2 little screws holding the binding post panel on, pull it out a bit and look at which wire color goes to which post
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