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Thread: Internal bracing, glue used by JBL?

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    Internal bracing, glue used by JBL?

    Hi I have four jbl 4645b, that I plan to inspect before putting them in to service. I startet with one of them, removed the driver and saw that the port tubs was not glued properly to the bracing anymore. Does anyone knows what type of glue JBL is using in these locations? Or do you have some suggestions?

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    Regular wood glue should be fine (I believe the port tubes are cardboard), or epoxy (if plastic), just make sure the surfaces aren't smooth/sealed, so that the glue has something to grab (rough the surface).

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    Aliphatic resin type wood glue was recommended by a JBL engineer for construction. I used it to do extensive repairs on the original 4645(A) w/cardboard ports and these areas are surprisingly strong.

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