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Thread: Double k-145 with 2420

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    I have performed objective and subjective tests on fiberglass and polyester “poly fill” and the polyester, while much easier to work with is significantly inferior to the fiberglass material from a performance standpoint.

    I do not use or recommend house wall insulation fiberglass, as it sheds terribly. I am not sure if non-shedding “Wrap-on” is still available, but this is what I use. I have also had very good results with acoustic foam like Sonex, and also very good results with the blue denim cotton home insulation.

    That's interesting. I did not do any tests. I saw it being used by others and thought it would be at the least, a healthy alternative.
    I will try and remove it from one of my cabs and try a comparison with other types.
    I didn't know what else to use currently. I had used fiberglass insulation in old builds. I could see it flying while the band played. I forgot about the ceiling tile type.

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    Hi maxserg,

    I finally found in my things the JBL listings of products NOT to use as damping material inside enclosures. Note the bold underlined "not" in the second document is from the original JBL paper, it isn't from me.

    As for the "Wrap-on" mentioned by Widget, the last time I looked for it didn't appear on their Web page as shown below. Maybe its hidden somewhere in their full line catalog which I didn't download? Or discontinued? The latter wouldn't surprise me at all, all good things always seem to disappear or being replaced by inferior quality lower cost stuff... Regards,


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    I still have a roll, but for those interested, the phone number for Wrap-on is 708-496-2150 and the product is item number 16550. This is for the 24" wide, 1" thick roll that is 50' long. If anyone calls them and finds out definitively if the product is, or is not available... please let us know.


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    I have used Mundorf Angel hair. This stuff is brilliant and you don’t need much either. I used this on my Everest build and it’s simply fantastic well worth a try.

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    If being used with passice XO's it may be worth putting a series inductor on the lower woofer so only the upper woofer meets the driver/horn to avoid interference.
    The solution to the problem changes the problem.
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