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Thread: Scott Walker is gone.

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    Scott Walker is gone.

    So much ink of how Phil Spector, David Bowie, Brian Wilson, John Lennon, etc etc were geniuses. Perhaps, but there must be degrees of genius because this man was more cutting-edge creative and a better singer than any of them. He started as an actor, made some pop hits in music, and tired of the fluff and grind of it all. No drug-addled retirement for him. He moved on to create truly different music that was music, not theater or Art School poetry. Really good music. Thought-provoking, challenging, heady music.
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    Hmmm, I have not...ever...heard of him. Interesting personality.
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    I remember the two (big) songs In (in 67?) "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", and "Make It Easy On Yourself" getting a lot of play time on pop 40 stations at the time, but the face and the voice does not compute with his somewhat baby face and that BIG baritone voice! Another great was Hairy Nealson.

    67 was a hard time to compete with huge albums like "The Beatles, Sargent Peppers", " The Beach Boy's", Pet Sound"s, "The Air Plane, Surrealistic Pillow", and more... 76 is too young to leave the planet. Mick Jagger is 75 and still going strong (hopefully) after heart surgery. Tom Petty's gone proving you can't keep doing drugs into your sixties pushing 70. That doesn't compute either.


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