I'm building 2 amp racks with MPA1100's and a MPA600.
I have a DSC280 to drive the different amps and would like to have one extra so each rack has it's own x-over.

But, another DSC280 seems hard to get.
And for the price of a 20 year old DSC280, I could also buy a brand new DBX DriveRack PA2...
Lots of features...

But, can I even compare both x-overs and how do the relate?
The question a would like to be answered is: If you're on a budget what makes sence?
Looking for another working DSC280 or buy a new DBX DriveRack PA2 for the same money?

I'm not blinded by gadgets. To me reliability and performance is most important.
Please help me to shine some light on this...

Kind regards,