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    As well as Led Zeppelin, British progressive/symphonic rock band Renaissance were a spin-off of The Yardbirds. Much more former Yardbirds members were involved with their original incarnation that recorded the 1st album, though. Severe personnel changes followed, and by their 3rd album no original member was present any more. They had become what can be called the 'classic' Renaissance lineup, including singer Annie Haslam, a real duchess with her clear soprano voice. Surprisingly for a British progressive rock outfit with such a demanding musical style, they were extremely successful in the US. For example they performed three subsequent sold-out shows at the Carnegie Hall in June 1975 which were recorded by Record Plant and released as a double album:

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    Here's a song about the fate of Russian novelist Aleksandr Solshenytzin, who was

    Punished for his written thoughts
    Starving for his fame
    Working blindly, building blocks
    Number for a name
    His blood flows frozen to the snow.

    Under Putin still up to date, isn't it?

    Renaissance still are performing. But with the only former member (Annie Haslam) having relocated to the USA, and all the other members having been replaced by United Statesians, they hardly can be called a British progressive rock outfit any more, can they?

    In the meantime composer/guitarist Michael Dunford, keyboardist John Tout, and Cornish lyricist Betty Newsinger-Thatcher sadly have passed away.

    Best regards!

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    Beth Hart, Live At The Royal Albert Hall, 2018, PRD 75671 Provogue EU, 3 LP

    One of the most expressive female vocalists ever. Unique entertainer on stage. What incredible energy. What performances at Royal Albert Hall in 2018! Jon Nichols on guitars. Leiber/Stoller's song "Saved" C4 is metaphorical for her life. The most impressive person you may listen to today in modern music business...
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