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Thread: Grill frame pegs and grommets from 1977 JBL L100's

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    Grill frame pegs and grommets from 1977 JBL L100's

    Can anybody tell me if JBL used the same sized pegs on their cabinets and the same sized rubber grommets on grill frames on all their "L series "speakers in the late 70's? Will L56 pegs and grommets fit into my L100 cabinets and grill frames? Is adhesive used in the installation or are they just tapped in the existing holes on the cabinets and speaker frames?Thanks for your help.TA

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    Grille Mounting Posts

    Hi Tom,
    The mounting post is pressure fit into a 3/8 inch cabinet hole.

    L100 and L56 use the same mounting post.
    It's a very common style used over several full line generations.

    L56 and lots of other grilles are one piece held in place using mounting pegs.

    L100 used two piece grilles. The walnut frame was held in place with mounting posts and the foam inserts were glued to cheese cloth stapled to the walnut frame.

    Two L100 walnut frames with red inserts installed.

    Thank you
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    Steve Barnes

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