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Thread: What exactly are these and what should I do with them?

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    What exactly are these and what should I do with them?

    Acquired these recently. I think the cabinets are a DIY clone of a C34 cabinet. Or maybe there was an industrial version? Or maybe these were originally nice, pretty C34 cabs that have seen much better days? There are grills as well. The other one has the XO mounted in the back instead of in the mouth of the horn as the one pictured does. They are loaded with D130 / 075 / N2400. They are fun to listen to but don't really dig low enough for my tastes. I don't have corners to put them in (would that make a huge difference?). Heck, I don't really have room for them at all but since when did that matter? I have 4311b sitting on top of them now. These big guys still have a certain fun-ness to them that the monitors don't quite duplicate. There is always the chance that those D130s might just find their way from the music reproduction side of the room to the music production side of the room. Odds are I won't have these long-term...but, if I were going to try and turn these into something that were more likely to be keepers, what might I try? Just curious what others think.
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    Those are classic components in a classic combination which looks back to the fifties, but those particular drivers may date from as late as the seventies. The speakers look like they may have been built for use in a potentially rambunctious location, such as a bar. That midrange sound they make was just the thing for cutting through the noise and sound absorption of a crowd and delivering recognizable tunes in the pre-digital bass era.

    Best not to try to get bass out of them. Cranking up the tone control and a big amp would likely wreck the cones. The D130 was an extended range driver for hi fi and distributed sound and was also used for musical instruments, though not bass.

    if you use them for music production be careful not to overdrive them. That D130 will not have the power handling of later versions of that same driver. If you are in a large hall mike them and use another amp to fill the space. The D130 and genuine factory cone kits for it are no longer available.
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    I hope this may help you.


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    Remove the baffle and take pictures of back side of drivers.

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