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Thread: JBL4367/4365 owners: how do you grow your system? And how do you like the results?

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    JBL4367/4365 owners: how do you grow your system? And how do you like the results?

    Mine is: MacBookPro (SSD hard drive running on battery when playing) // WiFi streaming Spotify/QQ //Toslink to Mcintosh MAC 7200 ( integrated w build in DAC 200 W SS) 8 ohm out // Morrow SP4 speaker cable bi wire // to JBL 4367 raised 7” wood stand. The only tweak I did was change the 4 ohm Connection to 8 ohm, and it sounded little brighter ( more treble). I listen most on lower volumes, and I am 90 % satisfied. But There is always room to improve. Please share your experience of your JBL 4367/4365 system. And your growing process. I also welcome any suggestions to improve my system. Cheers!

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    My chain:

    Bluesound Node 2i <Coax out> MiniDSP SHD Studio (Dirac Live Room EQ below 350hz) <coax out> McIntosh MA7900 <8 ohm> JBL 4367 (HF and UHF down 0.5 db), not raised but placed on a 1" high density MDF to protect floor from spikes.

    All cables are Chord Clearwater Serie.

    It took a while to get tuned-in but quite happy with the end result a both low and high volume.

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    I am a bit old school.....

    I am using a Marantz SA11-S3 sacd player and a Marantz PM-10 integrated amp on 4365's. At the moment I cannot remember the balanced connectors brand name.

    I was using McIntosh MC601's amps and a C50 pre. I prefer the Marantz as it sounds so much smoother than the Mac gear (to me).
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    I love my 4365’s. No exotics in my electronics and driven by a pair of the industrial versions of the Crown M600’s.

    Adding a pair of Array 1500 subwoofers was for me the icing on the cake. Just a touch more Lf at low listening levels was all I thought they needed.

    A better listening environment / space will be the next big improvement for me.

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    Mine is as follows:

    Analogue- Kuzma Stabi Reference, Kuzma Stogi Ref 313 VTA, Lyra Kleos. Digital- Oppo BDP-105 with Level 4 Upgrade from Custom Analogue Audio. Audio Note Kits DAC 5.1. Phono Stage- RCM Sensor 2. Pre Amplifier- Audio Note Kits Mentor.Power Amplifier- Audio Note Kits EL34 Triple C-Core Mono Blocks. Cables- Canare L-2T2S Interconnects. DIY Litz Speaker Cable Speakers- JBL 4365. Power Conditioner- Consonance D-Linear 15

    Sounds wonderful at low to medium levels, but the 4365's sound better with more power. My mono blocks are 40w.

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    Anyone other JBL4365/4367 set ups?

    I have been searching what amps JBL 4367/4365 pair with. So far I found: hifi shows are mostly powered by Mark Levinson (same company) & few Mcintosh (the popular choice since the 80s) . Real world owner's amps are all over the places. but Tubes are a high recommendation. Please continue post your amp and other component experiences.

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