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Thread: Getting in touch with Dr. Bruce Edgar

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    Smile Getting in touch with Dr. Bruce Edgar

    Does anyone have contact info for Dr. Edgar??

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    Bruce Edgar

    Last I knew he was retired, semi retired in Torrance CA.... that however is old info. You might want to check with the Orange County Audio Society

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    Didnít he pass away. Iím pretty sure about that.

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    There was a post in AudioAsylum that he took his website down in 2013 since he hadn't done much with it "in recent years" and managing all the Spam email it got was more annoying than fun. He had stepped away from correspondence and his web documents.
    I recall threads here discussing his ill health ...
    Might be more interesting to start a discussion here about what you are interested in,
    and let some of the folks here offer guidance ... Its a good crowd.
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