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Thread: Altec Lansing 3127 woofer in hifi?

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    Altec Lansing 3127 woofer in hifi?

    I may be able to get four Altec Lansing 3127 woofers at a good price.
    Will it be possible to use them in a good 3 way HIFI setup do you think?
    I am not interrested in a seperate subwoofer solution, but i looks like it is what Lansing themself used them for.
    I do not need to use two units in each cabinet, even i got four units, but it could be interresting to understand if these units are worth buying in connection with hifi.

    Any suggestion?, i do know there are some threads about the 3127, but just wanted to see if there was any added diy info to get.


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    I'm confident they won't do the job that you want them to ( ie; anchoring the bottom end of a 3-way HiFi box).

    The 3127 is a mid-bass driver with a highish Fs ( 50Hz ) and a very high EBP ( of almost 200hz ) .
    - HiFi woofers should be in the neighbourhood of 30hz ( for Fs ) and less than 90 for the EBP ( Energy Bandwidth Product ) .

    Try for yourself to create a meaningful box alignment within WinISD and you'll see what I mean.

    PS; They could still be useful to you if you used them with subs ( in an H.T. setup ) with a small horn and driver ( over the 3127 ).

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    Excellent midrange. Not as good as 414 though.

    Build a pair of MTM inspired by JBL K2,

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