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Thread: A7 refur project

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    A7 refur project

    I am VOTT newbie. Just finished restoring and painting my A7 cabinet. I am reading the article by Jeff Markwart and John Tucker dated 1993. They have many suggestions on improving the A7. One suggestion is to replace all the component wires. That is all of the wires I can change out, from the inside of the cross over to the speaker wires. Any particular wire size? #16, #14 or heavier? Which wire is positive? L1 or L2? Another suggestion was the removal of the bug screen. Is there a way to get to the screen other than down the throat of the HF driver?


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    Real nice job on the cabinets!

    I would keep the bug screen in due to resale value of the drivers. As for the wire size I would think 14 gauge would be plenty, I think I used it I my DIY M2's and they sound nice. Wire runs inside the cabinet are short.

    A proper crossover is everything in Altecs. I'd be looking into the Z19.


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