Hello! Happy holidays to all of you, with health and hapiness
Well im very happy with the sound of my JBL system, but i want to make a big change on the amp that drives my hf horns and tweeters. My system is biamped with a 2 way bss crossover and i use a passive one just for the tweeters , the speakers are the jbl 4530 loaded with jbl k140, on mid horns i got the 2445 on 2390 lenses and a 2402 tweeter. The amp for the lows is a crown psa2 and for the mid & highs a Sound Valves vta70. The sound of the system is very warm and detailed with nice soundstage . Im very pleased but i want to remove the tube amp from the system. I just want to be full solid state. Even if i found a amp with the same sound with the sound valves but in solid state ill be happy! So, any suggestions for an amp with that warm but detailed sound that will not change the character of my speakers much? Class a? Mosfet? Any brands? I see that in japan accuphase is popular with horns but i think they are a little bright for horns, same with bryston. Small krell? ML? I would also like to be close to the rest age of my system. Best regards!!