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Thread: Searched to no avail - where to get 2203 recones?

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    Searched to no avail - where to get 2203 recones?

    So I finally (after what, a year? Moving will do that to ya!) got around to refoaming the 2203's and the 2108's in the almost-junked 4315 monitors, when I noticed something odd - the 2203's had mismatched cones! Don't know how I missed it before, but the better-fitting one is much flatter than the other. I was never able to get the foam to fit the other cone correctly, so I cut it, thinking I'd probably just get new recone kits and start over...sounds fine, looks bad.

    Come to find out the 2203 recone kits are no longer available. Blah! So what to do now? I searched the forums, and saw a few discussions of reconing other drivers to 2203's, but will any other recone kits fit a 2203? And will any of those kits come even close to matching the correct parts in performance?

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    thats going to be a tough one. you're probably gonna have to go with an aftermarket kit from somewhere. i only know of one place but they only sell to recone centers.

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