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Thread: Heil with a JBL woofer

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmpsmash View Post
    Impulse response comparison. The wires are flipped, confirmedAttachment 85737!
    wired them "correctly" just now and did some listening. so much more focused than before.

    Overall, the sound of the Heil is a bit... not sure how to describe it, maybe "grainy"? Not clean and smooth like a metal dome tweeter, but has a certain texture to it.

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    some years back I picked up a pair of FORTUNA towers in crappy shape. That was an ESS bargain label.

    Up on top were these ..worked great.

    sold on eBay to a buyer in HK. Fell off a pallet in their P.O. and were run over
    by a forklift.

    sorry to see them end up that way ..
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