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Thread: Altec Custom VOTT Somethings

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    Not any more. product no longer available.

    Quote Originally Posted by speakerdave View Post
    The 1" non-shedding unbacked fiberglass I've used is sold under the Wrap-on label. They used to deal direct, but I believe now they prefer to go through B.E. Atlas, a jobber in Chicago. Atlas will take a credit card order over the phone. 800 305-4393.

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    Well, got something put together. Using the original crossover for now and some Emilar bowtie horns with the 802D drivers.
    The new baffles are front panels from a set of Khorns that I removed to install new ones. I added bracing within and used the 2" JM fiberglass on bottom, back and 1 side. I initially hooked these up with some 811's.
    I put together a little sled and baffle for the bowties for the heck of it to see how well that helped stabilize things. It of course just adds a lot of mass to the presentation.
    Overall I feel these position the horns up to high, but of course that is working with the existing cabinets for now. They are little more than 9 Cf internal area.
    I moved them into our family room to the chagrin of the wife for a test in a suitable size room. The garage is just to echoey.

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