Hi all, new member from Sweden but i have been lurking the forum on & of since the beginning.
I am also familiar with most of the Swedes in here.
I think i have an old profil that i have forgott about...

Any way,
My current HT that i also use for 2ch is mounted in a baffle wall and in a room that is acoustically treated (RT60 @ 0,22sec)
2 x 4645C
3 x 2226 in sealed boxes (140L)
3 x B&C 750 DE
3 x Copys of Emilar 820
(+ atmos and surround)
Dirac live, active filters and alots of amps.

So to my questions, is it possible to swap 2242 to 2269 in the 4645C cabs or is it best to build new cabs?
2226, if i where to change them what should i choose?
The horn drivers will also be changed, but not to JBL.