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Thread: Anyone tried the Troels Gravesen L112 upgraded crossovers ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rusty jefferson View Post
    Earl, that link doesn't appear to be working?
    Fixed now, hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl K View Post

    It certainly is that!

    I bought a Sennheiser Binaural mic setup back in 1978 ( & I'm currently looking at the mannequin-head part holding a bunch of my golf hats ).

    I used to use the setup to record some of the bands that I was mixing at the time.

    Suffice to say that playback must be over headphones ( then it's truly spooky-real in it's replay of a "snap-shot" from a past aural event ).

    I was not aware of the need to listen to binaural with headphones. I have to check it out, I like spooky-real sonics.

    I did some live recordings with the X-Y configuration in a good venue. The results were perhaps not overly stunning, but they definitely gave a convincing feel of the space relationships within that room. Unfortunately the tapes were lost some time ago. I used a Teac 3300 R to R converted to 1/2 track stereo by Tascam in Orange Co. Ca.
    The best TOTL Scotch 1 mil tape at 7 1/2 ips. Tascam were unable to get the record EQ and playback EQ of the 3300's stock circuitry to play nicely together at 15 ips. Still the results were quite acceptable. The mics were EV, borrowed from a friend's studio mic cabinet, and I don't recall the model. Nice mics for sure anyway.
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    My own Interpretation is that at home your room, loudspeaker placement and the actual recording are hierarchical influences on the illusion of imaging, soundstage or whatever you want to call it. If you grab your jbls and take them to a proper hall or auditorium and put them on the stage then sit in the centre half way back you will wonder what all the fuss is about?

    Within the context of loudspeaker playback in the near field itís not that difficult to create a reasonable image with modern nearfield monitors and appropriate acoustic treatment.

    But once you apply the domestic influencers like decor/industrial design, randomly diverse living room acoustics and waf to loudspeaker placement everything goes to hell.

    I agree that some loudspeakers and recordings convey the illusion of the recording environment in a domestic situation better than others. But if you compare being at a venue as l pointed out earlier with whatís going on at home itís like are you kidding me?

    What stands out is the sheer intensity, tone and clarity. Thatís what gets people emotionally engaged.

    So then you go after those qualityís and you end up with a large format loudspeaker...possibly a soa two or a vintage four way and you are happy.

    Most of us aspire to the ultimate strategy for perfection but it more of a conversation piece than anything ever really being done about it.

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