GREAT step today! Following lesview suggestion, took a variation of the BSS 160 config proposed by notnyt on AVS forum.
Even with one speaker, the sound is so great, it turns all day long. Placed in the garden, I will soon organise a concert ;-)
I can't imagine when two will be ready!

YES, a step because the M2 prototype sounds less agressive, more homogenous, despite some work still to be made as you will see.

The measures are made in the garden, 1m, DO NOT look too much of the DB scale as I did not use the same volume on the PC.
Two measures,
- green : orginal file from JBL site for BSS80
- purple: notnyt's config from

Actually, more flat, but still have this hole between 80 and 250. I assume it should be flat, don't I?
Could it come from a bad woodworking on the cabinet like some holes between two wood boards

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