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This is my first post on the forum.

I am about to by a pair of NOS : Altec Lansing 755E´s
I have some questions regarding these drivers:

I am planning on building a DIY version of the Altec 618 cabinet—very the same as first attached picture.

1. Pine plywood is the correct material to use? and not birch….

5/8inch ( 15mm ) on front baffle.
1/2inch ( 9mm ) on all other sides of the cabinet.

“ [* Edit: Yep same as Altec " The thickness of the front baffle is a sound board thickness all 15mm, otherwise it is 9mm It has become the preferred structure."-- from Stereo Sound WSI 618C writeup] “ - from junkyardjukebox

2. How much stuffing / fill do I need / and what kind of material should I use?

1. I have a Gainclone LM3875 kit—some say it has an equal sound signature as 300B SET amplifiers. With a 92dB sensitivity on the 755E - any inputs?

2. Other well known amp alternatives for the 755E?

1. How high should I rase the 618 cabinet?

TWEETER ( if even needed )
I have a pair of DECCA Super Tweeters ( ribbon ) :
Frequency range: 7KHz-30KHz
Crossover: 7KHz
Efficiency : 88db at 4W at 1meter

1. Is this a Plug & Play?

Difference in Resistance : a 0.3ohm difference around 6.8ohm on these NOS drivers— this should not be anything to worry about?

How does these drivers sound? very interested to hear your opinion on these drivers.

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1. Vintage pine 618 cabinet: Attached
2. JE LABS 618 drawing: Attached
3. Regarding thickness of the 618 cabinet: http://junkyardjukebox.blogspot.com/...nside-box.html
4. Spec sheet The Decca SUPER TWEETER: Attached