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Thread: I think its time to roll my own...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DES-1 View Post
    2123's are dirt cheap, actually insignificant in relation to the price of a decent build. Just have seller confirm that they are cosmetically identical (pics can be deceiving) and work well. Believe me, you will bleed allot more $ in a project build that the cost of a set of these.
    I got tons of dirt here... if u wanna trade for some 2123's... c'mon by! Actually i gotta pay to get rid of dirt sometimes LOL.

    But I get your sentiment. I am on the fence on whether or not to just go full out or what. Taking my time could save a few $ or kill a project. Some cones can still be had out there for woofers and some can't. A quad of 2235 cones would set me back a good deal if I went with a 4350 type set up, and still need 4 pooched baskets... whereas I can maybe get the 18s for lil less if I find a pair in tact.

    Did they actually make the 2123 cones in black at some point?

    Why am I always 10 years late to a party? Heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mortron View Post
    Why am I always 10 years late to a party? Heh.
    Ya, me too. If it wasn't for the nostalgic factor, the smart man would buy a pair of 4365's or 67's and call it a day. Then again, the big leagues await if you have the itch.

    You say you're still on the fence about what to build. I chose an 18" design because it diminishes the need of a subwoofer, but if you want quad that 4351 looks to be the ultimate imo.

    I unboxed and mounted a new original stock 2123 yesterday. I imagine there was some variance over the years but this gives you a reference:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd View Post
    JBL 2123h

    This is a seller I have very good experience with.

    They have many pairs in stock and you get delivered what you see in the picture.

    It’s been my experience (10 pairs to date) that used 2123Hs never sound as good as a 2123 with a new re-cone. If the 2123 doesn’t sound right it will sink your hole project as it plays a very important role with the vocals and the smooth coupling of the woofer for good base response. (i.e. coherent bass)
    After being disappointed with the first two pairs I now just buy an empty pair of baskets and have them re-coned. Just secure the re-cone kit before you buy the baskets.

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