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Thread: JBL Music 10 Subwoofer acoustical stuffing?

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    JBL Music 10 Subwoofer acoustical stuffing?

    It looks like the design of this recent, cheaper sub uses the same Triple Chamber Bandpass design as my SB1, but with only two little "woofers", rather than four (see attached pictures of the 10 and the SB1 - the xover here is just hanging between the two woofers for picture's sake).
    It does put out a surprising amount of bass, but the sound is a little "wooly". And speaking of wool, on taking apart I see that there is no acoustic stuffing at all.
    It would seem that some stuffing would help, but I'm not sure where I would put it, since if all chambers were stuffed, there would be some stuffing in front of the woofers, which seems odd.
    Thoughts? And yeah, I know it's not a fantastic piece of gear, but it will be fine for the intended room.
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    Maybe.....I tried putting fiberglass in a Khorn project and a University Classic horn speaker, and both times we found much to our surprise, that it actually impeded low bass performance. Give it a whirl. you can always remove it.

    Have fun.
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