Last night gave a two-hour "road test" to the new stylus on the SC35C using various LPs. Sounds quite acceptable to my ears. Can't really tell the difference between the red and the higher cost light blue SS35C. Shure's sound for less money and it tracks lighter at 3 gr. Had checked my settings before, including with Shure's cart protractor.

Not Grand Class stuff but for someone on a budget looking for a Shure its an option to consider. If you find a good acceptably priced used SC35C plus Shure N25C stylus, you could be in business for reasonable money, since with that duo you don't really need the almost $100. SS35C stylus.

In a recent Shure search for tech sheets i came across the following Stereophile review of the SC35C which i never saw before. The comments are impressive, mine posted previously here didn't go as far. Have a look, its a 5 min. read. The reviewer mounted the SC35C on his Pioneer turntable headshell using much too long screws, adding extra mass you normally try to avoid. On this aspect his installation seems a little amateur, not the best example.

Cart screws situation should look more like on the following pic. Screw goes through the thin plastic washer plus the nut and stops there. Mine exceed a bit due to screws having tapered ends, usually they don't.


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