RE "If I gained that much, would look for my pistol." LOL, but I don't see the pic you posted as being gross, no.

RE "sorry to hear abt wife ...back pain is terrible." Yes, and i remind her to bend the knees when getting down, instead of bending the back. Best & easiest trick to avoid a relapse. She's improving but it takes some time and attention to moves made to get back to normal. We'll get there.

RE "Even this latest incident is covered by a good insurance co. (driver of offending truck has commercial million dollar liability policy)" Well, that's the reason we have year-round $2 million car and personnal liability insurances also applicable in the US, the land of lawsuits. An accident could be costly there, and our premiums are very low, so its a no brainer.

Doubtful though we'll go on vacation to the US this year with the Covid surge around the country, border closed to non-essential travel, and the virus scares wife. Thought about autumn mabe, but she's not sold on it... yet.