ASHLY SRA- 2150 (pics # 327, 328, 331)

The amp is rated the following way: 8/4 ohms/bridged is 80 W/ 150 W/ 300 W respectively, and Ashly mentions that regardless of impedance used the amp is current limited at a certain point, the design limit I suppose. The amp weight is about half that of the BGW 100Bs they are replacing.

They are convection cooled class D amps, no heat sinks seen inside looking thru a couple of vents with light. But it has 5 vents on top, 5 on the bottom and one on the front panel for air inflow. So many vents is surprising for the amp size and class.

Moreover, there isn't a whole lot of stuff inside the unit, about half the space doesn't seem to be used, so not jam packed like the BGW 100B. I also noted Ashly's internal main circuit board is COPYRIGHTED!, this is clearly indicated right on the board as seen thru vents. I assume Ashly has developed a particular proprietary technology or circuitry they want to protect from copying...

These amps have my first owned Euroblock connectors on power amps, though I've seen them previously on Cloud power amps I also looked at, plus I was given a bag with various Euroblock connectors by my dealer. Can't say that I'm a big fan of Euroblocks but I admit its a clever and practical device with no soldering to do. For sturdiness and reliability it remains to be seen. I'm mostly familiar with Neutrik and Switchcraft XLR & 1/4" type, I do use some RCAs too, so we'll see how I get along with the new connectors.

I've seen on the Euroblocks alreay installed on the amp that the screws to tighten the wires are on the bottom side of the connectors, not on the top side usually seen by the user, so this is less practical for a quick check on wire tightness for example, even though the connectors are removable. I can imagine a couple of reasons for having it done this way.

The Ashly amps also come with a small note in the box regarding the Final Quality Check and Performance Test done on each unit before leaving the factory, and its initialed by those involved in the QC process. I tend to like such steps being an indication that quality control people have indeed verified not only a small random sample, but rather each unit with its serial number indicated. People caring for quality made stuff is great news these days.

Finally, Ashly's owner manual is also nicer at 12 pages than the one which came with the DBX 1215, presented as a premium EQ.


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