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Thread: Crown XLi 2500 for my JBL 250Ti

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    Crown XLi 2500 for my JBL 250Ti

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    Trying out a new Crown XLi 2500 amplifier for my JBL 250Tis and I am very impressed with it's sound quality. I expected it to control the speakers well and it does with the bass lines more prominent and controlled. But I was hoping that it would be very revealing as well and it is, which I did not expect. This amplifier is 500 watts per channel of class A/B sound not class D as some other Crown amps are. Weighs in about 30 pounds with a HUGE torroidal transformer inside. Must allow a couple of weeks of break in to come to full clarity as it sounds rather closed in right out of the box. I am thrilled at the sound of this amplifier and for $399 delivered it is a no brainer. It may well be replacing my Parasound A23 which is a very fine amp also. Highly recommended.
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