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Thread: KM2

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    10...12 midwoofer

    Have heard here suggestions, there are better choices for mid than 2216Nd.

    What choices I have? Please suggestions, who knows. New models, purchaseable, like 2216, 2269 etc,
    (not very interested bargain at second hand market with Vintage stuff)

    Some re-arrangements came in. I'm surprised even myself.
    For HF goes the Radian 951Be and for low will probably play 2PCS of 2216Nd.

    There is a possibility to add a MF - if it makes a sense, some (10) 12 inch.
    What about 2262? Neo, Dual...

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    Well if your space is that big I would go full unfolded horn anyways. That's the king route if the space is there...

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