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Thread: Redoing DSP settings

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    Redoing DSP settings

    I need to redo the xo settings in DSP after a factory reset.
    Have previously set up xo as below. It has worked ok but I do not really have any deeper knowledge about this.
    Please comment if something looks crazy or suggestions for improvement.
    Used as PA to our band but also as "power HiFi" at home.

    Speakers are
    LOW 2x 2242
    MID 2206 ported 50L box
    HIGH 2450ti with VTX WG

    DSP dbx driver stack pa2
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    Nothing looks bad there to me. Itís probably close for the house fun.

    The 20Hz high pass on the subs is low for PA and the low pass on the top for the 2450 at 20kHz is uneeded IMO. I find extra filters slightly knick the sound quality depending on the level of dbx you are using. I would just let it run out unless you donít trust the amp.

    If I were to get real loud with it i.e. when you use it for PA I would likely move the 2242/2206 crossover up to about 250 Hz and make those 2242ís work and move the 2206/2450 up about 850Hz. *

    Which dbx do you have? Are you using EQ and delay on this rig yet?


    * I should look up that horn before making a solid recomend. *
    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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    I tested your recomendation and it became a completely different "power" in LF.
    4 x 2242 can really move some air when they got a little more to work with

    I have an entry model of DBX, Driverack PA2.

    I use the automatic room's EQ with calibration microphone. Not perfect but it gives a starting point and then fine tuning by the ear.
    Quite comfortable when you can sit with the ipad and make adjustments while listening.

    I also set some delay to time align.

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