I do not know where else to suggest this material. Last year, I think it was, I was set upon on a thread by one of the occasionally encountered members with a chip on his shoulder. While barely skirting an ad hominem remark, he also implied my take was worthless because I did not personally know a historical and now long deceased figure. Without elaborating, I mentioned that his argument was powered by a logical fallacy. Might I suggest a few links that enable the innocent to deflect such rhetoric with knowledge of exactly what is derailing polite discourse. I like these. The second is the original page that was condensed and illustrated in the first link. The third is an easily readable website detailing and explaining probably every known logical fallacy. I was relieved to finally understand that a golfer's lucky socks (or lucky whatever) are called a Post Hoc Fallacy. In fact, a great deal of the truly stupid things people do are herein explained to be provably stupid.