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Thread: Crown CDi vs DCi Drivecore

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    Crown CDi vs DCi Drivecore

    Hi experts.

    I am looking at Crown amps and have looked at the CDi Drivecore and DCi DriveCore as they both have BLU-link which fits perfectly for my BSS Soundwebs.

    When I read the specs, I have a really hard time understanding the difference between the two... Equal specs, both have speaker tunings for LSR/M2 but price is different. I asked Crown regarding this, but I got some very fluffy answers back without any clarification.

    Anyone in here know the difference between the two? Do they share DSP/amp but targeted for different markets?

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    For instance the damping factor is higher on DCI.

    My guess is that DCI are higher Quality also in sound and therfor more expwnsive. Maybe the DSP also is another than DCI? The Old CDI/XTI did use a much cheaper DSP than i.e. iTech

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