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Thread: De Vore Fidelity

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    De Vore Fidelity


    Earlier this week my beloved Spouse and I took a short trip around the beautiful Hood Canal and as luck would have it stopped for lunch in the tony town of Gig Harbor, home of a vinyl-high end type audio store. On hand were a pair of DeVore 0/93 speakers all hooked up and ready to go.What could I do? I had to listen to them. As it so happened I had a vinyl record with me.

    The 0/93 is a fairly large box approx 35 /36 inches high by about 15 W and 10 inches deep. In side are a 10 inch bass / mid and a 1 inch soft dome coupled ti a short horn, similar to the Cerwin-Vega dorm of years past, and priced at a hefty $8k a pair. I had read about them in various publications where in the audio-phool reviewers had to change his trousers after the review.

    I was now prepared to be swept away to audio nervana.......except I wasn't. I was not impressed. These things were simply not that good, I'm used to listening to 3 JBL 4410's for the front and that is my reference point, In that room the 0/93 was for me close to unlistenable. I can't understand it.

    If anyone here has heard these things I'd welcome hearing their impression. As for now I think anyone who buys these things got swindled.

    Keep on Listening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Kreamer View Post
    I'm used to listening to 3 JBL 4410's for the front and that is my reference point,
    4410 is a hard reference point to beat

    I do wonder how many of those "hirsute speakers" have been sold

    maybe the big bux are in the veneers ?
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