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Thread: Paragon advice

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    Paragon advice

    Hi, i'm new here because a friend asked me for advice--he wants to buy a Paragon. i'm familiar with horns (here's my daily driver), but not with Paragons (i have heard a few over the years, that's about all). so i would like to pick your brains about what to look for when buying a Paragon. for instance:

    - which models are preferable, the older ones with 150-4 woofers, the early/mid 60s models with LE15(A) or even newer ones?

    - what are the most important things to check when buying -- is it the cosmetics, since it seems that the components (drivers, networks, etc.) can all be found separately?

    - can LE15(A) be reconed with the recone-kits available (i saw some with black surround)? do the woofer magnets need to be re-mag'd?

    - were there technological changes to the 375s over the years? if so, how? are newer ones preferred over the older ones or vice versa? (same for the 075 tweeters)

    - has the woodwork changed over the years (except for the amp cut-outs)? are there weak spots?

    any other hints are welcome!

    (my friend wants a fire-and-forget-speaker i.e. one he can set up and enjoy w/o first having to upgrade drivers etc. originality is important but not paramount--if the woofers need to be reconed and/or re-mag'd or if diaphragms need to be replaced--so be it. but he'd rather pay for having this done in the US before buying/shipping because there are not that many JBL experts here in switzerland…)

    thank you all for your help and wisdom!

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    I have had about 25 - 30 Paragons thru the years.

    Since they are expensive I would consider getting one that has some sort of return value on the investment.

    There are a few build items of difference to consider.

    The units that are the most valuable are the early ones that were manufactured with plywood tops. These early devices were outfitted with the N400 crossovers and the 150-4C speakers.

    I personally find the units with the 150-4C speakers the most "natural" sounding as opposed to the later speaker offerings.

    The second version Paragon using the LE speakers and LX crossovers are the most common Paragons availiable. These were also the self powered units.

    These later LE speakers and associated crossovers that were used have a greater low frequency punch but just dont sound as natural for my taste.

    I have not had the final version Paragon using the 376 driver so I cant comment on that version.

    There are suttle differences in all of the versions in the way the legs are carved.

    Finally,the best sounding Paragon that I have owned (and still have) is the early Industrial Variant unit.While hideous in its utilitarian appearance, it is the best sounding Paragon that I have ever heard.

    Good luck in your hunt.


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